Breitling is synonymous with aviation. This year, the brand launched its new pilot’s watch collection, the Navitimer 8, as a tribute to the Huit Aviation Department, which has, since its inception in 1938, produced cockpit instruments and timepieces for both military and civilian use.

The Navitimer 8 family includes five models that not only symbolize Breitling’s tradition of aviation, but also draw from the brand’s history in design—each piece is inspired by technical features found in historic clocks and pilot’s watches— as well embody the Huit Aviation Department’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Combining style and substance, the Navitimer 8 is a beautiful addition to Breitling’s most famous watch family that focuses on optimizing its wearer’s experience; it is a pilot’s watch and navigational instrument that pays tribute to the past while being designed for today.

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